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Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg style boots uk store, you will find the one you like best . Getting back to QADA, in my opinion, the only reason they haven't been acquired is that Pamela and Karl Lopker hold a controlling stake in the company. I encountered Pam several times during my days at AMR Research. The Lopkers are great, family oriented people and built a great company. In fact, Karl built two the other was Deckers cheap ugg cleaning kit (NYSE:DECK), the maker of Ugg boots! Their controlling interest cheap ugg equivalent in QADA has enabled them to hold off any barbarians at the gate. Simultaneously, they have continued to invest heavily in the future growth of QADA. This has left QADA with a deceptively high P/E and little hope of being acquired unless the Lopkers decide to sell. This, combined with its history of lumpy earnings, has kept investors away. However, if you take a close look at QADA's income statement you'll see that a mere 10% cut in R and SG would more than triple its fiscal 2013 earnings. That's a big jump in earnings for a small cut in expenses. Of course, that cheap ugg boots sale online would also cut its P/E by two thirds. Yet, investors are more likely to comment on cheap ugg classic short grey the company's P/E than recognize that the company offers a solid dividend and has bought back millions worth of its stock over the past couple of years. They are also unlikely to notice the complete lack of insider selling over the past year the fact that Karl Lopker's stake in the company has continuously been on the rise.
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