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You ...... Xiao Tianqi clenched his fists, his hands leaving only a broken sword! He lost too quickly!Los frivolous sit and watch his eyes did not actually his shadow. Now give me out of the way! Or I'll kill you!Xiaotian Qi angrily raised his head, but after seeing Los frivolous cold eyes After that, could not help but step back.Los frivolous Leng Heng, did not look at him, but to shift attention to the Pope's body! Today is your death!Pope ghastly look, the faint flicker of Yinhen.Los frivolous Landelikuai what he said, would go directly to a flying her fast, like a misty smoke! Los frivolous very confident, after all uggs tennessee outlet still own this speed no one ever really catch up too!

Bingpo! Luo frivolous see Bingpo like this, could not help but feel bad to call the sound!Bingpo raised his head and looked at his master, then a black eyes, a faint!Bingpo! Luo frivolous could not help but worry again. It is how you suddenly become like this, but also the pain fainted? Could not help but reach out and touched the ice crystal head uggs tennessee outlet $3 the result was a burst of hot, white hair more out more.Does it keep the same becomes bald ago? Los frivolous too late to think of these, increasingly worried, so they have to reach out and touch the ice crystal, hoping to give it some courage to overcome the disease.But when the encounter ice crystal is a very powerful force to push open. Immediately, the ice crystal's body began to emit intense light. Los frivolous This time is known, Bingpo may be to change it! Since it is a new life, then injuries may be very small, it is only possible upcoming important moment, there may be important breakthrough!The thought here, but Los frivolous mind not so nervous. She squint, lazy said: !! Your best achievements up and become strong or even your fur does not fall out of this, I will help you put them to pull off.

Going to continue with the pretty babe said two, the results came out of the room proud of mine. After seeing the wind soul, you could not help but frowned: Is that you?Wind Spirit nodded. There are things frivolous master account, let me come looking for you.Ray Pride nodded, and looked slightly tired. Recently in order to repair things, he was uggs outlet tennessee. bruised and battered too busy, do not know what the situation is now in the end is one, I hope there will be no trouble. Come.Wind Spirit into the room followed by Ray Pride, two people a few pleasantries, he put notes that thousands of gold coins to took out. This is what you need, Entrusted by the people, you have to accept it.Ray Pride slightly surprised that he did not expect the wind to speak quite directly in front of the soul, just do not know what it is. After the take over, because his pupil was surprised and slightly expand a little.Hundreds of thousands of gold coins? Ray proud murmured. With these thousands of gold coins, Ray's family rebuilt the problems they will be able to be resolved, it will not have any trouble going on!