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My name has nothing to do with what you ...... if you are gods, has also long been the scourge that bright temple everyone here a long time now! But still high above, indifferent. Los frivolous discourse is not salty not pale, very is easy to ignite a person's anger.But, and this is her habit, simply nothing not the same, it touches the front of the gods will cause dissatisfaction.Sure enough, after hearing the Los frivolous so, his eyes squint, instant cold everywhere, his clothes to blow up.Human really can not tell me Protoss comparable! Even if you are ordained of god, we can not talk to this deity! After saying that, he hit a light hand, being hit Los frivolous body!Wind giant, instantly put Los frivolous thrown from the sky to the ground, her body heavily pound the ruins of the Temple of Light!Side of the month ever see this scene, I do not know joy or fear! Los frivolous even as the strength of the front of the gods are all just a trick nothing uggs sale coupon outlet then they would not be more useless?

The next day, early in the morning, Los frivolous it up early, lay water wash well. Is planning to go out, but just to see the mine proud to stand by her door.Ray proud ...... what you say to me? Los frivolous Dimeishunyan still looks like that, do not see a little bit frivolous, but also do not feel any of her murderous and vindictive uggs sale coupon outlet $3Ray Pride looked at her, could not help but suspect that he is not trying too much. Although she is a purple-class strength, but you should really is not anything else.

A golden light moment in his eyes flashed, let see Los frivolous and ice crystal as the one could not help but have that in front of the boy is really underestimated suddenly.Unfortunately, this golden light just flashed it, after he opened his eyes, he is gone.Los sister, what are you looking at? Man Ray opened his eyes to see a man in front of a uggs outlet sale coupon. veterinary looked at him in a strange eyes. Could not help but asked.Long grass in order to collect blood before her stealth syrup have not, and now just refining some case there are other problems.Finished, Los frivolous took out the herbs, the alchemical hall gone.Themselves in their own house also can be refined, but now they do not want to Los frivolous in his room the whole. Do not want to put her parcel stood only a few bottles to use bad.