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High platform handsome man, waved, kindly face filled with a smile. Get up! Joan hard, so do not line gift!Los frivolous looked at the man sitting high on stage, he wore red uniforms peculiar pope, looks even touches than Xiaotian Qi Shuai, of course, to the Qin Zi beast there, even close!Los month ever want to stop being frivolous, but suddenly remembered the pope that a Yinxie face. They have a fallen woman, and what Los frivolous but also had so chic? She must let her pay the price!With the Pope's strength and color of the heart, if Los frivolous joined the temple of light, they certainly can not escape the Pope's palm, then she would fall into the clutches of the Pope. If she is also the pope to spoil it, they can be proud of what? She would not feel ashamed at this time!Yes, now this month ever watching Los frivolous, even with a sense of helplessness ashamed of! Obviously do not want this, she just wants to be strong, so the leader under the eyes of others, and also who are not able to take away the position. But why now it has become such an ending!Such words out, plus bright saint holy presence uggs pleasant prairie outlet People will immediately quell the anger and impulses just.

If the inferno of the world, Los frivolous and Bingpo them to find a human being, then definitely there will be no good end. Moreover, people with minimal strength inferno also reached the purple level, and now the Los frivolous, even an ordinary inferno met a child, I guess we will put her to easily strangle. So uggs pleasant prairie outlet $3 her situation is still very dangerous.However, she did not care at all. Stealth funeral took silver pill, she would take it down. Then, also in their hands to the side of the ice crystal stealth pills are taking.Soon, she noticed his body became air. Think about it, she has stealth, and has been sleeping on ice crystal rest on her shoulder, after taking a stealth pills, soon out of sight.

I'm not joking with you! I really came here to auction super magic potion! If you are not going to help us, then I may want to put another auction this medicine go! I'm watching with you The relationship is good, and thou DINGFENG auction is reputable, I come, or I can not bother to come ...... Wind Spirit Pieliaopiezui, but this time he has the uggs outlet pleasant prairie. real thing, of course, do not be afraid to just this a military governor.Governor auction looked at him. But your statement seriously?Governor auction suddenly smile: Then please come with me!