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Night whispered, then read aloud the period has been used to encourage them to Los frivolous inspirational words, an authentic voice began circling in the sky, lingering ......Los frivolous look back, hold back their tears about to fall, she knew the brothers worried about myself. Yes, they have heard before, to rescue Bingpo would make her pay for that!They are worried about this, coupled with the threat of bright temple, so go back to how hard the Los frivolous, they are very clear. These brothers uggs espa����a outlet both in their own way to express their own concerns ......

And her light began slowly to change. From the beginning, white, began to become a purple, and subsequently turned blue!At Los frivolous blue grudge rating fell when, suddenly, the fog began hexagram array violently roll up.Black and white mist seemed to have a strong awareness of the general, wrapped around hexagram uggs espa����a outlet $3 gradually more and more to this rich black and white, more and more to pure, but gradually narrowed the scope.Between black and white mist, faintly appeared out of a small stature ......While the crowd around are not clear what it is, but this figure, has let a lot of people began exclaimed!This necessarily want to save the Los frivolous pet! It seems as soon as it is necessary to revive it!

Here, after all these alchemists have said so sure that it is very is to make him suspicious.Just proud of mine wanted to return this money tenth time this argument to get rid of, Los frivolous stood out.Before, women do not really excel over this alchemy? She asked as if inadvertently same.Nice voice really was attracted the attention of uggs outlet espa����a. alchemists, looking for her, everyone around quieted down. After all, everyone knows focused on solving the problem in her body.Not that there is no woman excel too, but in recent years that there has not appeared a female alchemist! Be given alchemist replied.Alchemists had followed behind him in the hall chatting are also a forward, they are also the same look of recognition. Indeed, from the end of Shenmodazhan can really be no female alchemist it!