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Squad, in front of a little bit wrong. Night at the side of a reminder.Los frivolous saying that, then begins the jungle came a voice: ? Will is not frivolous Miss Luo LuoYes! Night after hearing the question, it was in the side loudly replied. Who are you? Why here waiting for us? No wonder the night to ask this question, after all, only to be found here, and the other party's goal is so clear, visible must be waiting here for a long time.That aside waiting for the Los frivolous people, who come back here in fact already extremely honored! They already know that Miss Luo frivolous in Los strength, so here are happy to wait. However, they would also know that the ability of the waste eleven classes, and now here they clearly felt unusually strong forces!In addition to not being unfathomable almost feel her breath fluctuations person body, the other actually are all purple grade! If this is Happening to the mainland up, that have all been transcendent existence! This group of people is too tough! No wonder they were before the mercenary group to severely crack down on the meal.It is said that before the revival of the mercenary group also announced a transcendent status Spike mercenary group! Said they are willing to second place, becoming the second world mercenary group, and this first, but it is willing to let it out uggs buffalo outlet give it to hand over Spike mercenary group!

Los frivolous, after a pause, then began to put the corpse in the ice crystal fragments of the storage ring took out.Flames ice blasting it became a one corpse fragments, and even a complete corpses are not.Los frivolous piece of the ice crystal body and then a piece of land into the hexagram array, which enters the body parts of a star array uggs buffalo outlet $3 immediately around the source of life began spinning up.Because many body parts, colorful light, all the body parts are rotated in a clockwise manner around the beginning of the source of life in this star array.Los frivolous look at these, my mind could not help but show that the ice crystal to save her that scene, that moment in the moment, it seems like a generally occurs, so that her heart began cramping up.It is in a great speed stand in front of their own, there is no consideration ......

Although there after Los frivolous and Bingpo are not very understanding of what the phenomenon, but from today this scene look at the past, if it is done, her strength is not bad!It seems that I have to continue to practice. Really would like to know to reach the top of the crape myrtle Reiki, what kind of results can! Luo frivolous chuckle uggs outlet buffalo. loudly, but it is very confident.The next morning, got up early in the morning Los frivolous, but she opened the door and walked out after they found the villagers starting earlier than her. Watching a crowd of people gathered around his room, Los frivolous some silent.