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Please do not be angry, Miss Luo. Deep in the forest too dangerous nightmare, our strength is too weak simply can not go in! Preaching this message so late, I hope you can forgive me! In front of this woman is really angry with horrible ! To typhoon more than make people feel terrible! Even the loud, let the people around you will feel inexplicably biting cold! Fu Fu because of fear and covered in goose bumps from, they immediately interpreted cautiously!Squad leader, you do not get angry. These things would have none of their business. You to calm down! Night at the side to persuade the road.Los frivolous clenched his fists. She also wanted to calm down uggs boots outlet but she could not calm! I do not calm down! I want to go to my father and mother!

Los frivolous Phoenix at this time but not to destroy, but to be put into the body hexagram array, with all grudge Los frivolous enter hexagram array.Meanwhile, Los frivolous also have to mobilize her body Hongqiao, along meridians in her vindictive poured into the hexagram to promote the hexagram run uggs boots outlet $3 eventually Bingpo resurrection!Phoenix do not agree with micro purple eyes stared Los frivolous.However, it also has its own ideas. Slightly stagnated a bit, they are also proud to control all of the grudge, drop does not leak into the hexagram array!Under the impetus of this hexagram array of powerful forces, also began to change. Four stars for the front light, and even that is very light with Heal is the integration of the ice crystal body parts to tightly surrounded them.Los frivolous grudge after all, is extremely powerful, so let it shine directly continue these body parts to the collection together, and even faint signs of the beginning and the source of life converged!

Los frivolous and Jiuxiao sitting on the coach was speaking, suddenly felt the car stopped, two people begins with the coach down, are proud to see mine in the hall with alchemical alchemists representations.They also said that before the estimated recoverable herbal thing.Alchemist casually checked bags, are also in accordance with the old price uggs outlet boots. gave money, Ray Pride received a positive way to go, but was called alchemists to live. The mining of the good, the price to give you a little, it is not the root of the complete collection of herbs should be five times the money you collect to this is the money that you take a good ......