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As a result, Los frivolous will be able to clearly know the class has a traitor.That's our next step how to do it? Would want this damn traitor to kick out? Ouyang said Jue teeth. At first he did not believe the class is definitely there will be a traitor.But now since it has been known that he will definitely not polite! Such people do not deserve to become a member of the waste eleven classes, more should be trusted everyone!So, he now wanted to kick this man out of the classroom! He'd want to ask a question on why the squad is so good for everyone, he has to go betrayal!Los frivolous's eyes flicker a bit, and then I did not say anything. Ouyang Jue see squad do not intend to ferret out the man, no longer tangled this thing.Time flies, although these days the students who waste eleven mood is not very good, but they also know that things can not be rushed uggs arizona outlet This drawing was stolen things are estimated not accidental.

Xiaotian Qi Luo frivolous although some do not know what you want to do, but still agreed. He also knows that, despite their determined to forget Los frivolous feelings, but her request that he can not refuse. Moreover, whether in public or in private, he will not be able to refuse. Now the bright shrine uggs arizona outlet $3 simply can not compete with the Los frivolous.Silver buried side still squint, his face in a slight doubts. Although not quite understand why there is such a woman in front of the practice, but he still waits.Squad, we have to! Yao Jue month aside two people and Ouyang said almost in unison.

I was wrong! Beg you, do not kill me! At this point, crying with dark sorcerer, has been hoarse voice, although it looks very poor, but Luo and others frivolous, he would not have any sympathy!You think I would be a proud Ray Ray's family would like to be lenient Daughter murderer? Yes something, go to the temple to pray it! Then, Ray proud eyes of uggs outlet arizona. a cold, once again demonstrated the power of lightning.A straight thunder from the sky falling, the dark wizard instantly to ashes!This time there will be no black fog appeared. Bingpo turned into a small appearance, hop jump on Los frivolous shoulder.Although it now looks like the cute and clever unusual, but its eyes glowing red, very nice, but the villagers did not help playing around cold silent. But they look for just that scene is very clear, this seems no danger of Warcraft, but extremely powerful!Los frivolous facing Bingpo nodded, touched its head, gave it a reward.