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In hobbits reluctant hands, the Los frivolous mercenary group led Spike left the nightmare forest.Forest sun is still warm as yesterday, his face Spike and all of a mercenary group hung tough expression, they leave the hobbits from then on there will be no riding of Warcraft, but only by virtue of his body in the whole jungle shuttle, Jinjindegen in Los frivolous behind World of Warcraft, do not want to be left behind.Each of them still remember that sentence to break the limits of their own, so most are also not forgotten this goal, so it was very hard to exercise your body, for pushing the limits of their own bodies. So, each individual mercenary group also understand that they are also not the best riding of Warcraft uggs america outlet and rely on their own physical fitness on the line.

Ouyang Jue Yao month and, as one, two people were clenched in their hands the magic wand, followed behind Los frivolous.Three people quickly went to the front of the hexagram array.Los frivolous hexagram looking to send a strong array of light, full of Hope said:! If you are determined, I hope that no matter how much the price I pay uggs america outlet $3 be sure to let me save him he was an important part of my life, is my brother! I have to save him! Hexagram flashing a dazzling light, still no change. Around the crowd, do not know that there is no hexagram Los frivolous understand the words, but words and expressions she really let all the people around were very impressed.Only people who know how to sacrifice for others, others will return for more love and sacrifice.Bingpo so, in order to save the expense of Los frivolous, and now the Los frivolous, too, in order to save Bingpo again pay so much.

Los frivolous hit a yawn, he turned toward his room to go back.Leaving a group of villagers looked at each other, suddenly do not know how to do.Proud brother, we finally safe! Will never have to worry about being witches to harm! Miracle very grateful to help Los frivolous, they villagers were not aware of this dark sorcerer harassment several uggs outlet america. times, and this can remove this scourge once and for all, it is very grateful to them.Ray proud eyes shining, looking at Los frivolous left back, could not help thinking about.Such a powerful man, appeared in the bones of the mountains, how could be lost? And, obviously just the ability to purple level, but can issue such a strong fighting skills, which she seems to be deliberately hiding it ...... she, in the end what people?Although proud of mine so I thought, has such doubts, but it is also very clear, if not Los frivolous help, they are all mine's owners have gone. So, no matter what her identity, he will not go to care about anything.