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Against Bright Temple who are dark ones! Were spurned by the people of God! She is a shameless scum! The crowd does not know who is calling so one, although only so many words, but also still really caused the endorsement and support of everyone around.Support Bright Temple! Cries the hubbub around, more and more to let through streets lined with people coming into the restaurant to watch. All people want to look at this time in the end is how one thing! As a result, more and more people soon began crowding into the restaurant in.Los frivolous, some accidents, even at this time, casually remark will cause people around the revolt, it seems that the forces of light temple really is not small. Moreover, even with such a big appeal in the crowd! It had to be a very scary thing. Her power of one person, really is limited, with a group of bright temple to be deluded fools who do anything she is bad kid uggs outlet could not help but look dignified Los frivolous up.

Frivolous sister ...... Yao month's eyes slightly blurred. She really could not bear to separate with the squad leader, she is the backbone of their entire classes of waste, if left, they all feel like losing something important like.Los frivolous comfort nodded toward her, and said:. Try to go track down the missing firearms drawing things right kid uggs outlet $3 the way to our mercenary group to build up my intuition tells me there should be an extremely strong forces hidden in the darkness. we waste classes, and now the number is too small, below standard, which requires you to work hard. wish, I came back to see Spike powerful mercenary group!Los frivolous, then turned around, facing the silver funeral, said: Let's go!

Los frivolous took out a black robe from his storage ring.This gown is the inferno that people often like to wear before she had to make mine proud to help her pick up several body on the ring inside.Went to auction, she certainly can not reveal their identity, so this black robe with a camouflage look, but is the best.After Los frivolous wore kid uggs outlet. black robes, the people will only see the face smooth chin. Protruding from a black robe in his hands, but also the white jade, nature is able to make people see that they are a woman.It looks just can not see out, but they have to change the sound. Los frivolous drank syrup, his voice became a little rough some, this be considered everything ready.The owner and you seem really quite like this look like a sorcerer. After Bingpo see, mouth twitched.