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?and bright people far from the Temple stood watching this scene, but did not want to block up the meaning.A month ever since Joseph had usually accustomed to, basically most people told her grudges. Another one is also because of the physical condition month ever and magic ability, we are very clear that she regarded as a strong, this blow to her, did not matter.Month ever tragic situation here, the gods and the pope also Landelikuai.They pay more attention, but is the ruins that have not come out of Los frivolous.Just think of all the people fainted Los frivolous alive is what happened, trying to peek forward when suddenly a dazzling white light emitted from the rubble, then a strange round table began to rise up, and in the round table It just smashed down the middle of Los frivolous!This person strange man, it was so smashed it yourself, but also to have this adventure, really can not not say that she really deserves to be the future destiny of the gods cheap uggs sale outlet but also the people who keep themselves on an equal footing.

...... After mine proud to go, leaving the ice crystal and Los frivolous believers a beast of a man ?They obviously are really the strength of the good, how are now reduced to this point the ...... Speaking truth to, no one would believe. Los frivolous teeth are chaotic Myrtle Reiki blame.She even then a strong ability to eventually show up but always so shameful purple grade strength, although able to hide her strength, whether anyone can not see, but sometimes think of it really is too Biequ.Ray proud, so you let her investigate? I just feel that she can not so simple! Side has been followed by thunder thundercloud could not help but remind proud of him.Whether she has no simple, now we will not have any effect. Inferno just an ordinary person, that is, the purple-class strength, as long as we usually see a tight grip, she has trouble understanding what not to . proud of mine said. Not that he did not find this strange encounter this inferno man, but because he has more important things to do.The most important thing is, we have no more time to waste on her body, after all, the dark wizard has been looking pretty baby, if you really let him find it, we will face extinction Ray's family, it was is the most horrible thing. Ray Pride's voice gradually became painful a.

Soon, he ran out to the store to buy weapons and practical call back a stick.Los frivolous got it to stick, and then closed in the ring, and then returned to his room, so quite follow your ice crystal and Ray walked toward the outside.Along the way, people are riding around looking at the darkness of Warcraft, Los frivolous could not help but look cheap uggs outlet sale. sad.Before finally had a bright animal unicorn, ultimately betrayed her, did not know her horse look like. Unicorn Luo Yu ......Los frivolous think it ever month in order to block the attacks themselves when that expression, could not help but shook his head, crispness feel it is a pity. But this is it his choice, in fact, it is also a compassionate beast.After all, it was the first month ever encounter it, just to repay ......